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Since around early 2004 I have been a vegetarian (and would have been a vegan if not for the fact that pretty much everything contains milk or eggs nowadays).

Apart from the occasional, accident (I mean, who would think to check if someone would put gelatine in an ice-lolly?) I managed to stick to my guns for nearly five years until in December of last year I was tempted by the addictive taste of KFCs spicy coating and fell off the wagon by eating a Fillet Burger

For the next six months I ate KFCs like nobody’s business: Boneless Banquets for One; Deluxe Boneless Boxes; Snack Boxes, I ate them all.

Now, understand that it’s not the taste of chicken I enjoy when I eat a KFC, in fact I find it kind of repellent (and if I let myself think about where it came from I want to puke), it’s the oh-so-tasty coating I can’t get enough of.

I’ve tried all the various recipes online that purport to be KFCs “secret recipe” but none of them come all that close and, from what I remember, none of the “southern-style” chicken pieces (or vegetarian alternatives like Quorn’s southern-style strips) taste the same either. Which is quite surprising since it would not be illegal to analyse a piece of KFC in a lab and replicate the recipe (but maybe that’s harder than I think?). In fact, if I ever win the lottery that’s one of the things I plan to do!

Anyway, what I am trying to get out there is that as of the end of last month I’ve managed to avoid eating any KFC and am firmly committed to getting back on the wagon and remaining a vegetarian for the rest of my days.

Of course, if KFC wants my custom they could always start serving their vegetarian burger in the UK, but only if it’s coated in their “11 herbs and spices” secret recipe, otherwise I might as well just buy a southern-style alternative.

I’m actually a bit surprised that the vegetarian option cropped up in Canada first since, I believe, a larger percentage of Britons are vegetarian than Canadians. Maybe they wouldn’t be allowed to call it a vegetarian burger over here because standard practice is to fry it in the same oil as the meat? I dunno.

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