Emoji emoticon themes for Pidgin and Digsby

Downloadable emoticon themes for Pidgin and Digsby
Digsby Emoji Pidgin

We’re a Mac household here and so we use the excellent Adium for all our I.M. needs.

Adium is probably one of the most customisable apps in the world, with many plugins, emoticon packs, sound themes, etc all available on the Adium Xtras website.

One of these extras that is particularly popular with my little sisters is iPhone Emoji. Unfortunately, because these aren’t standard emoticons, they will only work with other Adium users who have also installed the iPhone Emoji extra.

So i did a bit of research and some work and created a couple of Emoji packs; one for Pidgin and another for Digsby.

I also looked into creating packs for other I.M. clients but was met with unsuccess. The new Trillian Astra doesn’t seem to support the addition of emoticon packs; Windows Live Messenger only seems to support the bog-standard emoticons and custom emoticons (and there isn’t a way of creating a custom emoticon pack, each user would have to individually add all 480 emoticons along with their key-bindings). After that i kind of got bored with the whole project and wandered off…

Anyway, my Digsby and Pidgin packs both use the same text codes as the original Adium iPhone Emoji pack, so they all work with one another.

Hope they’re of use to someone out there. There’s no support offered and i’ll probably just forget about them after posting this, so don’t expect any updates. To install, follow the standard instructions for installing emoticon packs from your product’s website.

(When installing Digsby pay close attention to the installation process. I didn’t and ended up with several pieces of crapware also installed.)