Blog revisit: Lapsed Ideals

A revisit of an earlier blog entry on KFC and vegetarianism
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5 12 years later and i’m still a vegetarian.

I still crave that KFC crunchy coating and after my disappointment with all the recipes online i decided to try my hand at making my own.

I tried so many spice variations but was never able to get it right (although there were attempts that seemed close). I haven’t made any attempts for several months now, but i really need to get back into things.

KFC UK still don’t offer a vegetarian/vegan option with their “11 herbs and spices” coating, not that it matters much since my local KFC closed down a couple of years ago (maybe my KFC consumption was keeping them in business and when i stopped they went out of business?). Still wish they would though.

Vegan 'popcorn chicken' (KFC-style)

A recipe for a vegan KFC-style popcorn chicken
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Blog revisit: Drobo

A revisit of an earlier blog entry on Drobo
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Things change when you post infrequently
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