Blog revisit: Twilight

A revisit of an earlier blog post on Twilight
Piece of Shit Twilight

Not a whole lot to say after re-reading my old post on Twilight. I only managed to watch about 30 minutes of the second film before the constant overwrought wailing of Bella forced me to switch off.

I know it’s a vampire film and so requires some suspension of disbelief, but the idea that someone could be so distraught by the absence of a boy they’ve only known a couple of months that they wake up screaming and crying is beyond my capabilities.

It’s entirely possible that the second Twilight film pulled off the impossible and was actually worse than the first film (at least the first 30 minutes were. I can’t put myself through the torture of watching the whole thing to find out for sure).

I never even bothered with the later films.

I think the greatest contribution that Twilight provided to the world is the inspiration for Jonathan McIntosh’s Buffy vs Edward: Twilight Remixed.


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