Ad blocking using DNS and Privoxy (with Squid for caching)

Chaining Squid and Privoxy for caching and ad-blocking combined with DNS-based ad-blocking using dnsmasq
Ad blocking dnsmasq Privoxy Squid

Customising OpenWrt to my needs

My customisations to OpenWrt Chaos Calmer to optimise for UK FTTC. With some additional tweaks to suit my usage
avahi dnsmasq OpenWrt SQM

Android still doesn't support Opus ringtones

Android 5.1 Lollipop still doesn't properly support the Opus codec
Opus Mobile Android

Hugo is Boss

Hugo is a static website generator written in GoLang
Hugo Website

Blog revisit: A quick look at Ubuntu 10.04 by a Mac user

A revisit of an earlier blog entry on Ubuntu
Linux Ubuntu